Sunday, July 31, 2011

News Roundup - July 2011

  1. High Court forces BT to block links to pirate site
  2. Star Wars helmets did not infringe copyright because they are not art, Supreme Court rules
  3. Clippings ruling could derail much online publishing, says expert
  4. Clippings services users must have licence or infringe newspapers' copyright, says court
  5. Pirate Party Launches Movie Download Sites As “Declaration of War”
  6. Fox Will Boost U.S. TV-Show Piracy
  7. Wal-Mart Dives Into Video Streaming
  8. Music rights body wants 'traffic light' indications of infringing material in search results
  9. AMD, Dell and YouTube team up to stream major concerts
  10. Judge: Pirate Party Name-Ban Decision Stands
  11. Internet disconnection breaches free expression rights, says co-operation body
  12. High Court asks ECJ if streaming service breaks copyright laws
  13. French copyright enforcers unable to keep up with complaints, reports claim
  14. Yahoo! does not have to delete copyright-infringing search results Italian court rules
  15. UK investment in IP-protected assets reached £65bn by 2008, research finds
  16. Netflix, NBC Universal renew contract; more shows for streaming
  17. Google’s Anti-Piracy Filter Is Quite Effective
  18. ISPs, Academics and Citizens Oppose EU Anti-Piracy Legislation
  19. Legal protection should only be given to artists who sign up for copyright exchange, says musicians' rights campaigner
  20. US could use extradition agreement to force UK copyright infringing suspects to face trial in the US, media reports say